June 18, 2024
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2020’s fastest-rising tech jobs? Programming language PHP leads the way – ZDNet

Scripting language PHP might not be that cool to know these days, but it is very valuable if you’re new to the workforce and looking for a tech job in the US, according to job search engine Indeed. 

Job listings for entry-level PHP developer roles have increased a massive 834% since January 2020, making it the fastest-growing tech job across the industry, according to Indeed’s data. 

With Wikipedia and WordPress among big sites running on server-side PHP code, it remains one of the most commonly used scripting languages for building websites and web applications, according to Stack Overflow – even if it is considered one of the “most-dreaded” languages to use. 

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According to Indeed, the US national average salary for an entry-level PHP developer with one to five years experience is $73,334. Other relevant skills for these roles include knowledge of CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript. 

Not so glamorous but nonetheless in demand are jobs that fall under the banner of ‘junior helpdesk operators’ as well as ‘entry-level PC technician’, or desktop PC support and troubleshooting. 

Job listings for junior helpdesk roles have grown 501% since January, while entry-level PC technician listings have increased an impressive 434%. These roles typically require a few years of experience working with Windows, solid knowledge of Microsoft products and good communication skills. 

CompTIA A+ Certification is recommended for PC technicians, who are likely to earn the national average salary of $18.37 an hour. The average salary for junior helpdesk roles is $42,542. 

The next fastest-growing role by job listings – and a huge step up in terms of salary – is junior enterprise architect. The national average salary for this role is $144,752 and job listings for these roles have grown 278% over the past year. Junior enterprise architects will need a good business mind, technical chops and a high level of education. 

Roles for junior technical consultants have also doubled over the past year with a 256% increase. They command an average salary of $60,057. Recent computer-science graduates are well placed for these roles and many employers are accepting internships and school projects as demonstrated field experience, according to Indeed. 

The job entails providing evidence-based analytics, data-reporting solutions and critical communications management to clients by helping design and implement software and systems to boost business performance. Handy skills to have include knowledge of Salesforce, HTML5, CSS, XML.   

Listings for senior CAD operators similarly have grown 234% over 2020 and have a national average salary of $67,650. Top skills include Microsoft Office Excel, CAD, AutoCAD, drafting and MicroStation. Candidates will need to have strong reasoning, mathematical and geometric skills.

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Meanwhile, listings for junior technical support roles have increased 223% this year with a national average salary of $52,563. 

Demand by employers for server and storage architects has grown a solid 167% this year with a national average salary of $92,203. Top skills include knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server, Java, software development, middleware, and embedded software. 

There is just one senior-level role that makes this year’s top 10 in Indeed’s fastest-growing category. Listings for senior technical director roles have risen 160% this year with a national average salary of $196,397.